— Hello, I'm Quentin Pinczon du Sel. I'm a freelance UX designer and photographer, based in Paris, FR.

Selected projects

If you want more details or are interested to work with me,
check my LinkedIn or write me an email.

What I do

User research, interviews, workshops, customer journey maps, user journeys, wireframes, prototypes, UI.

What I use

Figma, Sketch, Axure, Invision, Marvel, even Dreamweaver (who knows?)

What I did before

Before 2015, I worked for 7 years in agencies, where I did project management, team leading, production management and UX design. After that, I managed to travel around the world for a little bit more than a year, in 2016-2017.

A few side projects I did on my spare time

Original Pressing

I founded Original Pressing in 2013. It's a free service created by and for crate diggers, allowing them to find if their vinyl is an original pressing or not. It used to work with the Discogs API at first but runs now perfectly on manual-mode, getting ~50 requests / month.

Et en fait à la fin

A website which started as a joke and quickly became popular (57k likes and counting). It was featured on the most well-known online newspapers in France (Libération, Les Inrocks, Minute Buzz, Huffington Post, Télérama and so on).
Don't click if you're an anti-spoiler guy/girl (you've been warned).

Bien cordialement

If you work in a web agency, you probably already lie to a client asking some updates about his project. This website is a kind of hommage to all the excuses you have to find in this situation (french only, sorry).